Peep This: Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys “Dino Domina”

For as long as I have been involved in the greater Boston music community I have felt this sort of kinship with Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys. There is something in the way that their musical theatrics and performances energize like no other and with the release of their new video ‘Dino Domina’ they celebrate the theatre and vaudeville-esque nature of their art and performance even further.

DINO DOMINA, directed by Walter Sickert & Edrie Edrie (in her directorial debut) plunges the viewer headfirst into the dystopian world of War Gospel, a landscape both surreal and familiar. The specter of fascism looms large, mocking and belittling, while believing itself indestructible and invulnerable. Despite the video’s tragic, yet colorful climactic scene, DINO DOMINA closes with the promise of resistance, revolution, and a reckoning yet to come.

The first in a line of releases leading up to their forthcoming politically–charged Dystopian Opera called War Gospel, the video is part rock n’ roll music video only played after 10 PM on MTV in the early 90s and part short horror film. I have to credit this group for their endless and unflinching commitment to their art and creativity. Like a Ken Kesey day-glo optic overdrive meets a Freddy Krueger fronted grunge band weightiness, the visuals only  mirror the pure energy and power of their music. It is impossible to look away and I am not sure why you would ever want to.