jojo - Ukelele Edrie - Accordian, Melodica, Vocals, Toys Tj - Drums Rachel - Viola Walter Sickert - Guitar, Vocals Mike - Double Bass, Electric Bass Meff - Guitar, Mandolin, Moustache Image Map
Walter Sickert
Guitar, Vocals

Walter Sickert was born on the sea and has dedicated his life to, and makes his living from, music and visual art. Walter's art is showcased in museums and private collections world-wide and he routinely collaborates with authors, other visuals artists and musicians. Walter is the founder and impresario of the SteamCRUNK band Walter Sickert & the ARmy of BRoken TOys who have been described as "Musically sophisticated and immensely talented, wildly unusual and diverse in material and presentation, a Dada-esque circus carnival run amuck, and just plain good ‘not-always-so-clean’ fun".  Inspired by such things as Hieronymus Bosch, The Tiger Lillies, Érik Satie, Salvador Dalí, Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Lewis Carroll, Aleister Crowley, Terry Gilliam, and Alan Moore.@WalterSickert

Accordian, Melodica, Vocals, Toys

Raised on a farm in North Dakota, Edrie never thought her Lawrence Welk accordion skills would come in handy. Now from heifers to the Hynes Convention Center and everywhere in between, follow Edrie as she tells you about her life and her Army of Broken Toys @armyoftoys

It's not a violin. It's a motherf$*%#n' viola! Rachel Jayson spends most of her time playing with the Broken Toys and Jaggery (the 5 piece torture-chamber-pop collective) but has also been spotted playing with What Time is it, Mr. Fox?, HUMANWINE, Bury Me Standing, and Earth, Wind, & Fire (which only happened once, but it sure did make her mom proud). You can find her flexing her MMEd from Boston Conservatory as Orchestra Director at Lexington High School and slinging fancy footwear on the weekends at John Fluevog Shoes. @musykchyk


jojo lazar, the burlesque poetess is your personal wordsmithy and tiny tart of vaudevillian verse. Armed with ukulele, and a poetic license (MFA from Lesley U) she is a creative writing and zine arts workshop leader, visual artist, and an inapproetry-spieling comedienne. Check out her keyring site,

Mandolin, Guitar, Moustache

Born in the greater Boston area and educated in the wilds of New York City, Meff's dedication to all things interesting has taken Meff from soul-crushing boredom to steamCRUNK superstardom as the guitarist, mandolin player, and moustache in Walter Sickert & the ARmy of BRoken TOys. Meff is also an accomplished playwright, songwriter, and drag performer, most recently performing writerly duties as the writer of 28 Seeds. You can follow Meff's gender-borking dandy-antics on twitter @dasmeff

Double Bass, Electric Bass

After spending a lifetime making the world safe for bass players, computers and major appliances, Mike decided to join the AoBT to see what other kinds of trouble he can get into.

He hasn’t been disappointed.


Hailing from the crystal meth and pop punk mecca of the USA, native SoCal dude TJ Horn brings the thunder. From punk and metal to soul and circus, TJ addes to this already eclectic ensemble a steady beat. Catch him in one of his MANY music and voice acting projects around the Boston area. @themurderhorn